• Anna Marie is a champion Irish dancer. She started dancing as an adult and has won multiple Southern Region Oireachtas championships with her Céilí teams at the Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance.
  • Her childhood pet was a pug and today’s she’s a proud pug mom to two dogs she adores. Pugs are considered the “clowns of the dog world.”
  • Anna Marie was a stand in and extra in the movie Patch Adams. She met Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman on the set which was a big thrill. If you get the letter box version, you can see her in the graduation scene!
  • Anna Marie graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park. Go Terps!
  • She moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1992. Her husband’s job took the family to Atlanta for three years, but they returned to Raleigh the first chance they got.
  • Anna Marie was a cheerleader in high school – captain of the squad. From time to time she still feels compelled to give a high kick and spirit fingers.
  • She was voted Most Witty in her high school senior class and still has the trophy to prove it.
  • Anna Marie once hung out with Alice Cooper on his tour bus in St. Louis. They talked about golf.
  • She’s a huge Beatles fan.
  • Anna Marie is hooked on the British soap, EastEnders. She even has the theme song as her ring tone.
  • Some of her favorite writers include; Maeve Binchy, Emily Giffin, Helen Fielding, Taylor Caldwell, Alison Weir, and Philippa Gregory.
  • She was once stabbed in the hand by a U.S. senator. Don’t worry, he was leaving a congressional reception she was working at and handed her his nametag pin first as he was departing. Pretty sure it was an accident.
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